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5 Reasons Job Hopping is Acceptable

5 Reasons Job Hopping is Acceptable5 Reasons Job Hopping is AcceptableJob hopping is a term used to describe the pattern of an employee changing jobs without layoffs or company closure. Many years ago, it was common to stay with a company for the length of the employees career. Employees would invest in the very company that offered economic stability in return.In the last 20 years, it has become safer to find a career in job hopping. It has become somewhat of a necessary evil for employees. This does bedrngnis make the employee bad or disloyal. It may mean companies are expecting too much for too little in return.Its also elend a Millennial thing. Generation X and Millennial employees both exhibited job hopping behaviors. According to Pew Research Center, both Gen X and Millennials have had similar job tenures. Since 2000, no specific generation has job hopped more than the other. So, job hopping is not a Millennial thing. It started for the reasons below.1. Companies treating emplo yees as cost to the companyIt makes geschftliches miteinander sense on paper A company pays the employee. So, the employee is a cost to the company.The human flaw in that logic is that employees today are passionate, desire acknowledgment and seek growth in the workplace. People do not like to think of themselves as having a monetary value. Job hoppers find it wiser to start job hopping, and if that does not work, go into geschftliches miteinander for themselves. Currently, there are more than 50 million freelancers in the USA. For these job hoppers, if they are going to put money in someones pocket, it may as well be their own. This does not mean they are delusional or disloyal. Just like the stakeholder of a company, the job hopper is focused on financial growth and stability.2. Poor company leadership and broken trustIn the last 20 years, the US workforce has seen many stories of employees who watched their life savings disappear overnight due to poor leadership. Employees began to fear company loyalty was a fraud. After all, why be loyal to a company when leaders and stakeholders are only loyal to themselves?Gen X employees seamlessly adapted to the online business world in response. Many became part-time or full-time entrepreneurs. Millennials watched the struggles of their Gen X parents. When they entered the workforce, Millennials brought with them a new business attitude and logic. They were entering with survival instincts handed down from their parents.They learned job hopping is necessary for growth and survival.3. Companies not keeping up with technologyWe live in a time where any person can take courses online and learn a new job skill in a matter of weeks. Companies that are slow to keep up with technology lose employees with a hunger for growth.Companies also lose employees when they know a faster, better way to get a job done, but management will not allow it. Asking employees to work with outdated tools is the fastest way to get them to leave. Highly educated Millennials have been entering the workforce willing to job hop if necessary. Unlike past generations, they can learn new skills in their spare time. So, they do not need to stand around and wait for companies to try new ideas. They can experiment on their own time.4. Companies that nurture job hoppingIn 2017, the average tenure for employees, between ages 25-44, ranges from 3 to 5 years. Companies that became aware that people would have multiple jobs in a career. So, some companies opted for hiring people on contract or outsourcing.Companies also began nurturing job hopping by not providing things that cause employees to stick around. For example, full-time employment or health benefits. In the USA, employees with health benefits stay with a company an average of 12 years.Health benefits are expensive to a company, as well. And if a business fears the employee is going to leave quickly, why pay for it? Companies learned it is easier to make money without long-term financial commitments to employees.5. Wages not adjusting to a modern business cultureIn 2017, wage growth is very low. Unfortunately, so is productivity. But at the same time, inflation is low, too. The labor market is very strong for the first time in a decade, yet pay wages are rising barely faster than inflation. ConfusingFor some reason, even though there are reports of a booming job market and a low unemployment rate, companies have not been raising pay wages in a way that meets the immediate needs of the average worker.This is what leads many to believe companies are relying on an outdated business logic. They are operating on the assumption that a great labor market leads to pay increases, and in turn, that becomes fuel for broader inflation.The fact is this is not happening. This could be a sign people have become more self-sufficient and community-oriented due to the Internet and affordable technology. This ultimately means people are solving their own problems by working with each other, and not companies. So, they are loyal to the idea of growth, but they do not waste that loyalty on anyone who offers a paycheck.

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How to Hire Passive Job Seekers

How to Hire Passive Job SeekersHow to Hire Passive Job SeekersThe labor market is still tight. Sitting back and waiting (and hoping) for the right candidates to apply to your job postings is not an effective way to staff your openings. You need to be proactive. Being proactive includes targeting passive job seekers. These are professionals who arent sending out resumes but would be open to switching roles if an enticing opportunity came along. Passive job seekers arent responding to job ads. They arent even looking at job ads.But passive job seekers represent some of the most promising candidates available. They often have in-demand skills and, through their current roles, are continuing to build new ones. If you want to give yourself the best shot at finding the right fit for your opening, passive job seekers need to be part of your hiring equation.You cant hope to identify and potentially recruit passive job seekers if you are, to put it bluntly, passive. You need to take the initi ative by identifying and contacting passive job seekers yourself. Here are strategies that can help you do just thatBuild your brandYou want passive job seekers to think of your organization as a place theyd love to be once theyre ready to pursue a job change. So, start building your brand as an employer of choice.There are several ways to do so. Post photos of happy employees on your firms social media accounts. Run an ad in an industry publication that mentions your companys recent appearance on a best place to work list. Attend job fairs, professional association meetings and even charity events so your firm becomes a recognized name in your local market.Ill be honest It takes time. Theres no way to build your brand quickly. But if you begin the process now, eventually your organization can become a target destination for workers looking for something new.WE CAN HELP YOU HIREUse social media as a sourceSocial media can be a nice starting point for spotting passive job candidates. LinkedIn offers paid tools that allow you to search profiles based on various criteria to find people with the qualifications you seek. And you can send messages to people youre not connected to in order to start building a relationship.Keep in mind, though, that, in most cases, it takes both time and trust to convert a cold contact into a potential hire. The people you reach out to may be unaware of your company and not consider it a possible destination for them. More importantly, it may require a good deal of convincing for target candidates to understand why they should leave a stable role for a new opportunity they know little about.Work with a recruiterWorking with a recruiter can make the process of identifying passive job seekers much easier. The best recruiters have cultivated a rich pipeline of passive job seekers through their networking efforts and by placing professionals in jobs and keeping those connections alive over years, even decades. In fact, many job seekers wo rk with recruiters specifically to hear about interesting employment opportunities without having to launch an actual job search.In addition, recruiters understand what certain candidates desire in a new job and what it would take for them to switch roles. A good recruiter can quickly identify passive job seekers who would seriously consider your opportunity and help position your role so it appeals to these professionals.Be prepared for a counterofferOne of the toughest parts of recruiting passive candidates can be sealing the deal. After all, to land these already-employed professionals, you have to convince them to leave a job that they are more or less happy in. And, of course, the rolles current employer isnt going to be happy to hear a valued employee is about to walk out the door.If you do make a job offer to a passive job seeker, be prepared that the persons employer will make a counteroffer in an attempt to keep the employee on board. This is another circumstance where a re cruiter can be helpful. Since recruiters have expertise at negotiating job offers, they can highlight the benefits of the position youre offering so the candidate feels confident moving forward with you. Paul McDonald Paul McDonald is senior executive director at Robert Half. He writes and speaks frequently on hiring, workplace and career management topics. Over the course of more than 30 years in the recruiting field, McDonald has advised thousands of company leaders and job seekers on how to hire and get hired.McDonald joined Robert Half in 1984 as a recruiter for financial and accounting professionals in Boston, following a public accounting career with Price Waterhouse. In the 1990s, he became president of the Western United States overseeing all of the companys operatio ns in the region. McDonald become senior executive director of Robert Half Management Resources in 2000, and assumed his current role in 2012. He earned a bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from St. Bonaventure University in New York.

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Earn $10,000 for tasting the best BBQ America has to offer

Earn $10,000 for tasting the best BBQ America has to offerEarn $10,000 for tasting the best BBQ America has to offerIts been more than a year since a group of twenty-somethings in Spokane, Washington took to Craigslist in search of a BBQ Dad for Fathers Day Weekend in 2017, but it turns out that a new job also requires that you have a similar passion for grilling.Reynolds Kitchensrecently announced that its looking to bring its first-ever Chief Grilling Officer on board for two weeks and will give them a $10,000 stipend.The partie who locks down this position will reportedly be responsible for tasting andtaking pictures of some of the most delicious grilled dishes from across the country in cities known for their barbecue.They will post what they learn on the Reynolds social media platforms and website.But the CGO wont have to hit the road alone - they can bring another person along for the ride, and the company will provide both people with pre-paid travel and lodging. Reynolds ult imately wants someone who can provide the best grilling techniques and tips.Is the smoke from a thousand grills already calling your name? You have until August 13 to submit your application, so you betteract fast.

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The newest life-changing tip on getting rid of clutter comes from psychologists

The newest life-changing tip on getting rid of clutter comes from psychologistsThe newest life-changing tip on getting rid of clutter comes from psychologistsPsychologists have found an amazing answer to the problem of clutter that has baffled many Americans at work and at home, and fueled an industry of multi-sized baskets, closet organizers, and of curse, the advice of Marie Kondo.Here is the answer If you want to get rid of your clutter, take a picture of it. Then throw out the object, and keep the picture.Thats it.Thats what a new study in the Journal of Marketing finds. Consumer psychologistsKaren Winterich, Julie Irwin and Rebecca Walker Reczek wanted to figure out how to help retailers that rely on clothing donations. Retailers were encountering one consistent roadblock to the supply chain people get too sentimentally attached to their stuff to let it go. Papers we dont need on our desk or clothing that weve outgrown transform from stuff to treasured, hoarded stuff.We need to be better at letting things go. Maintaining clutter on your desk and in your home life has financial and emotional consequences. The average U.S. household has 50 unused eintrags worth $3100 that theyre letting go to waste. Beyond saving us money, learning how to get rid of clutter can alsodecrease your stress levels.To increase donation behavior, researchers conducted a series of studies to test out ways that would preserve the memories we attach to our items. Researchers recruited 151 participants to describe a beloved but unused item and asked them how they would preserve the memory of the item.To donate your stuff, take a photo of itPhotography was the most popular choice with almost two out of three participants choosing this method. I would definitely take a few photos and tuck them away into a memories file. I would also send the picture to my parents so they could remember my baby crib that I spent time in and that my son spent time in, one participant wrote. Writing about t heir beloved item was the next best option with 22% of participants choosing to do this.After they had photographed or journaled about it, participants reported that they would be more likely to donate the item than the control group. In a separate field study at a thrift store, researchers would take photos of donated goods with meaning for donors to keep. That Polaroid photo made a difference. After the donation, all of the participants were asked if they had lost of piece of themselves. The participants who got photos reported less identity loss than the ones who didnt.However, there are limitations to how much were willing to part with.Wed rather donate than sell, for instance. When participants were asked to attach monetary value to an item, they became more reluctant to give it away even if they took a photo of it. Researchers believe that this is because memory preservation tactics dont overcome the emotional taboo of attaching monetary value to personal sentiments. No one li kes putting a price on a memory alternatively, no one likes to throw away money.The next challenge, of course, is organizing your photos. Both Google Photos and iCloud for Macs offer ways to create photo folders. Remember to back up often.This study shows that we can clear our minds and desks through simple memory preservation techniques. Next time youre reluctant to part with an item collecting dust on your desk, take a photo it. The memory will last longer than the object will.

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What Pros Are Saying About Skills to Have on Resume and What This Means For You

What Pros Are Saying About Skills to Have on Resume and What This Means For You What should determine your pick of summary or statement is where youre in your career. You might even miss your fantasy job writers to shoddy work. Not every writer offers rush support. Whats Actually Happening with Skills to Have on Resume The most significant thing is to remain confident. Above all, a great resume should be a reflection of the individual behind writers resume. A few of us just work more effectively that manner. Lets hope youre able to think that its excellent. If youre not certain which skills you would like to share, consider your prior experiences. Some skills could be relevant while others arent. 3 First, you must select the best skills for your resume. Listing your skills provides a chance to showcase your abilities and experiences to prime employers for the remainder of your resume. What You Can Do About Skills to Have on Resume Beginning in the Next Six Minutes Fo r instance, there are a couple of contact resume software titles that are standard for many sales organizations. As you proceed through the list above, make a distinct list sample the ones which you already possess. Ultimately, should you need help with the numerous sections of your resume, employing a resume builder is the best solution. Resume example, there are a couple of contact management computer software titles that are standard resume many sales organizations. For instance, if youve got a strong history with ja genau processing and a work description necessitates experience with a particular processor you havent used, you may use your experience to demonstrate the employer that youve got zero issue working with new word processors. To begin with, if youre seeing a great deal of hard skills that you just dont have, it could be far better move on to the next position. Read through it a couple of occasions and youll probably spot three or four important skills mentioned repeatedly throughout the document. For the remainder of your skills, use your very best judgement. Hiring managers appreciate using bullet points as it makes it much easier to read through your list of qualifications. Employers wish to realize that you have what it requires to be successful at work. Bear in mind the Hiring Manager may request that you take behavioral profiling tests. Applicants do not have to say they want a particular job because employers can infer that. Your resume is your very first introduction to a prospective employer. Sample you are able to do that, an employer will certainly notice. Employers will be searching for sample service representatives with broad social abilities and industry particular specializations. A persons skill set is comprised of an assortment of personal skills that theyve acquired through education and employment. If you wish to showcase your organization skills, acquiring a tightly structured resume certainly helps. You mus t find strategies to keep the children entertained. Include a combination of soft and difficult skills to resume both your nature and experience. Hard skills have a tendency to be more technical, and each geschftliches miteinander or kind of job will often have its personal necessary set. Theres no greater time to enter the software engineering market. If you would like your commercial parts pro resume to actually stand out, home you should also list all your mechanical skills also. Weaker candidates, unable to confidently create the idea of ar as teacherowned expert improvement. In truth, it could be appropriate to incorporate a more prominent core competencies section at the peak of your resume with comprehensive descriptions of certain skills if theyre absolutely central to success in the desired position. When it is raised, other facets. Subscribe below and stay current with the most recent career trends and ideas. Strategized long and short-term goals for business growth tactics. How to Get Started with Skills to Have on Resume? Now that you have all of the tools you should craft the ideal skills section, download sample of our free templates and get going on your resume Take a look at our extensive list and guide for more information on how key use resume adjectives Ignore her less-than-impressive site and have a look at her 4. Just take a peek at our list of guides and resume examples for certain professions.

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The Number One Article on Resume Writing from Home

The Number One Article on Resume Writing from Home Definitions of Resume Writing from Home Though the best internet job search providers are from USA, their tafelgeschirrs arent location bound. While opting for an interview or maybe to fulfill a client, consider what sort of services are you going to provide them. There are a lot of advantages of using article writing as a promotion tool for an internet enterprise. In such situations, taking help of fulfillment service providers is surely a sensible decision. The level of your writing samples will determine to what degree your clients are eager to cover your articles. Envision the sum you would spare. Since you may see, there are lots of ways you can earn money online writing articles. If people see your site and it seems unprofessional, theyll relate it to your product. If youre confident in your writing abilities, then youre totally free to compose your own content for your website. There might be an initial signing- up process for each extra directory, which takes a little time and effort to finish, but thereafter the procedure is much quicker. Your article cant contain any advertising material, or youre going to be accused of spamming and could be blacklisted. Pay a visit to the web and you may learn how to promote your article on video games to a gaming website or the way to speak to your childs teacher about his recently diagnosed Aspergers syndrome. Based on what youre looking for, you can land a writing job in 1 week. When such things are noticed that are going on in the work market, a sudden need of alignments of genuine job opportunities provided by various companies felt to make considerations for men and women that are striving to acquire an ideal job at the proper moment. Be dedicated What the majority of people dont see is that simply because youre at home you cant slack off, you must work harder than in case you have an hourly job. The straightforward thing in regards to work ing at home is that youve got plenty of distractions, but you must understand there is nobody there to inform you to return to get the job done. Resume Writing from Home Secrets That No One Else Knows About Well, it will become easy that you execute multiple small business activities in your own organization. You have the ability to start work at residence net organization whenever you have adequate wisdom and terrific communication skill. To choose career in Defence services isnt so effortless job. There are lots of, a number of other methods to initiate a business enterprise. Whispered Resume Writing from Home Secrets Secondly, excellent small business writing is simpler to read and simpler to comprehend than poor writing. There are plenty of things a writer is able to do to secure writing jobs. Basically, resume writing is an art and just some of the applicants can pull it off. Theres very good news if writing isnt your strong point. The trick is to sell PLR article s to a limited number of buyers. Put simply, it would be much far better to say that you had initially planned to stay house with a newborn until a particular point in time, until they arrived at a specific age, as an example. When you receive a job and you get started receiving a competitive salary, youre content with everything for first couple of months. Even though you may hate your work, the very last thing you will need is to be unemployed and without an income.